Dragon Ball - Last Light

An open world literate dragon ball rp community taking place after the deaths of everyone in dragon ball.
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 Last Light Rules

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Kasuka Hyoga
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Head Administrator
Kasuka Hyoga

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Last Light Rules Empty
PostSubject: Last Light Rules   Last Light Rules Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2018 6:04 pm

Welcome to Last Light, Our role-play is primarily designed to be an amazing role-play experience while also training those role-players that have unfortunately never been exposed to true literate role-play in an attempt to revitalize the role-playing community. Naturally with this kind of goal the rules are directed more towards the way RP is preformed by the pros but it will also help any new role-players to learn and develop beyond most other sites out there. Keep in mind I am a lenient and fair leader (or at least that's what I've been told) but I will not tolerate my leniency and kindness being mistaken for weakness, on top of that please know that everyone here, regardless of position, yes that includes the staff, is subject to the rules and punishments of Last Light.


These are the general rules of the community and by far the most important.

Rule One: All the rules of Forumotion.com must be obeyed before any other rule.

Rule Two: Keep in mind that the staff can't be everywhere at once and thus can't see every rule that gets broken. That being the case, should you see a rule being broken or perhaps a profile that hasn't been reviewed yet please feel free to notify an admin and/or moderator.

Rule Three: Absolutely nobody is immune to the rules, this includes guests and members just as much as it does Staff.

Rule Four: You may not start to role-play in the main RP until your character is approved. However we do have a section for personal rps to be created which is considered separate from the main role-play that anyone can use for their pleasure.

Rule Five: No intentionally causing drama. It is one thing to do or say something that accidentally leads to drama, but it is another to intentionally seek it out and will not be tolerated here.

Rule Six: In the event that a staff member is abusing their power you may report it  to the head administrator and as long as there is proof the said member will be punished, typically with at least a demotion. If no proof is given an investigation will be performed but if no proof is discovered nothing can be done.

Rule Seven: We do allow swearing but only in character, when it comes to out of character it may be allowed but keep it in small doses as the governing site forumotion has rules against it.

Rule Eight: Only the Head Administrator can modify the rules.

Rule Nine: Before adding new rules the Head Administrator and Administrators must discuss and agree on them to make them official.

Rule Ten: If you wish to advertise another community you may do so as long as you gain permission from the head administrator and you advertise this community publicly in the community you are advertising here that way both sides benefit. Do that and we won't have any problems. Go against the sincere nature of this rule and it is an instant ban, we aren't asking for much.

Rule Eleven: Only administrators have the authority to give a punishment. Moderators are essentially hall monitors, in the sense that they keep an eye on everything and make sure that no rules are being broken, they can administer warnings and let you know to stop something if you are breaking a rule and you have to obey unless they are just abusing their power of course.


The rules of RP here. These act as the typical guidelines of role-play to help maintain a fair and exciting role-playing experience.

Rule One: Sexual content must be kept at a PG-13 rating, otherwise keep it in PM. Failure to do so may lead to as much as being banned from the site.

Rule Two: All members must post at least once a month to maintain their positions on the site, this includes staff status and character ranks. Failure to log in after two months may result in being kicked from the site.

Rule Three: Your character may not be in multiple areas at once without the help of some form of cloning ability. There is no other exception to this rule.

Rule Four: Cannon characters are not allowed in the main RP. Last Light takes place long after all the Canonical character's deaths'.

Rule Five: While there is no limit to how many characters any member may have, we also understand that there is a limit that varies from person to person of how many characters one person can handle. The limit is instead placed as a weekly timeline, you must post with each of your characters at least once a month or we will ask if you still want that character. Enough repeats of this or if the character has been silent for a long enough period of time may lead to the death of said character.

Rule Six: God Modding, Meta-gaming, Power Playing, all of these are not allowed and will be acted upon on sight with little or no exception. I will now explain what each of these are:

  • God Modding:

The most well known rule among Role-players but for those that don't know it here it is. It is essentially making any character in any manner that makes them invincible in any way, shape or form. For example characters that cannot be harmed, killed or effected by any outside force. Having abilities that cant be dodged, blocked, canceled out, etc. Also dodging every single attack without describing why or how he or she was able to do so would also be considered god modding.

  • Meta-gaming:

Giving your character any knowledge or abilities he or she has no way of knowing yet. You must treat your character as a separate person, just because you know something doesn't mean your character does as well. This is not to say your character can't learn this information or ability later on with study or training, it simply means you can't just pull stuff like that without your character already learning said information or ability.

  • Power Playing:

Power Playing is essentially controlling other people's characters in any situation. This includes anything from forcing an attack on them without giving them a chance to react, making posts that control their characters in any other way, even abilities that allow you to control the bodies of other targets would also be considered power playing.

Rule Seven: When in character do not use "text talk", use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, do not post in first person and no one liners.


The following is a list of possible punishments that may be used on the condemned for breaking the rules. Keep in mind that they are not determined based on a first, second offense system. They are chosen based on the severity of the act and how often they happen.

Warning: If the act is mellow enough you may only receive a warning but keep in mind this can only be received 5 times before it is no longer an option.

24 Hour Suspension: Blocked for one week.

One Week Suspension: Blocked for one week.

Two Week Suspension: Blocked for two weeks.

Kicked: This is when your account is deleted from the site. You are still allowed to create a new account if you so wish but you'd have to start over as all of your posts and characters would also be deleted.

Banned: This is when your I.P. Address is blocked from the forum indefinitely. It is also known as blacklisting.
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Last Light Rules
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